Beer museumHistory of Czech beer is long. The first brewery was established in the 12th century. Maybe you think you drink good beer, but if you have not tried Czech beer (called “pivo”), you have missed a big story. Story full of kings, hops, perfect pure water, wars and unique recipes.

Surely you have heard of global brands such as Pilsner or Budvar. Pilsner is the first truly golden beer in the world. Other beers are just copies.

Among other successful brands we know Staropramen, Starobrno Krusovice, Kozel, Gambrinus, Svijany and many others. Small family breweries with a particularly strong and “thick” beer is Czech specialty.

Do you wonder how Czechs have developed so advanced beer culture? They have written many books about their drink? The beer in this country is science and the production is well protected secret.

Beer is always a great topic for debate. It’s a pub, where you will find a lot of friends. And best of all – beer in the Czech Republic is really cheap. In the beer contest, cities like London or New York never win over Prague, the mother of beer culture.

How to pour the beer with foam, which will last a long time? The Czechs  innkeepers are real masters in this art. So don’t be shy and order one! Cheers!