Prague is a colorful, charming and pleasant place to live – or to visit. It has a rich and long history. Fortunately, World War II didn’t destroyed this gem of river Vltava (or Elbe – german name). Here we can find a maze of old narrow streets, majestic temples and romantic corners.

The main vista point – Prague Castle – was built thousands of years ago. There is too much of sites that can be mentioned in a short article. Be sure to not miss the National Museum, King Charles Bridge or Baroque Mala Strana quarter below the castle. We can find many sculptures and artifacts of art there, but also the works of artists such as Pablo Piccaso or Andy Warhol.

The city metro works very well, but the car is only for experienced drivers. There is a wide range of accommodation – from the very cheap to the luxurious royal apartments. You will be not dissapointed.

Local squares in Prague were in the past many times witnessed major events that changed the face of Europe. Today, we find there only friendly and nice people. The Prague is ruled by democracy, free enterprise and free trade. Every major company is based here. Sister cities are for example Berlin, Paris, Jerusalem, Brussels, Moscow, Beijing and Chicago. In the past, people called Prague most smallest bigcity in the world. Now this is not true, because it exceeded the number of million people.

Of course, the city is ready for those who seek fun. There are many entertaining venues, clubs, pubs, shopping centers. Every famous artist or singer must perform in Prague – otherwise he can’t  be pointed as famous.