Tips and ideas for stag activities

Men at pub

Looking some fun games and activities to do in that stag party you’re planning for your best friend?

Make sure you all have a great time by bringing the funniest games and activities during the night. And no, it doesn’t necessarily include strippers but, if you want that to happen, make sure you go to a club instead of bringing them home or browsing London escort guide (avoid robbery and misunderstandings).

Now, about the games and activities, here you have some great options!

Toy Soldiers

This is an “all-night” game and consists in you bringing a plastic bag and as much plastic soldiers as guests (bring some more in case of any extra or new friend). At the beginning of the party, each stag must take out a soldier and assume the soldier’s position as their own position.
From then on, at any point of the night, the best man or even the groom should shut “assume the position” and everybody must, therefore, assume their positions. The one who fails must invite a pint as a penalty!

Mr. President

We all know this night is all about the groom, and that’s why we decide to call him “the President”. But presidents often suffer attempts and they need their bodyguards to be always alert. When the groom or best man raise their finger as if they’re hearing something, all the stags must shout “Down Mr. President” and form a circle around him to protect them. The one who fails to protect the President has to fulfill a penalty.


In this game, you’ll need some knickers from the bride or the best maid or even the mother-in-law lol! Then all the stags place a corner in their hand. When the best man shouts “Knickers!” everybody opens their hands and he counts heads and crosses; the ones with the head are safe, the rest must play again and the loser must wear the knickers over his pants until the next bar or round.

Freeze Frame

This game is really serious after a couple of drinks as you’ll need to be alert. At any point, one of the stags or the groom must completely freeze (preferably in a noticeable position) and everybody must follow him, the last one on noticing the freezing, must invite a round or suffer a penalty.

Send to all

One of the most typical rules on a stag party is that phones must be out of the way. So, if any stag is caught checking his phone while the party is going, then the groom can take off the phone and send a text to the whole contact list. The stag is not allowed to see what the text says!