Grand Prix BrnoOf course, Prague is not only one Czech treasure. There are many ancient and well-preserved towns. The second largest city in the state is Brno. It is the capital of the historical and present-day territory of Moravia. In Brno there are many local institutions. The city is known for its expositions, concerts and Grand Prix motorcycle race. It is worth to see local Spilberk castle or Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Do you know Brno underground? The subterranean kingdom in the historical centre of the city of Brno allows visitors a unique insight into mysterious and unusual placesVila Tugendhad is registered in the list of UNESCO. The city is an example of the democratic space and free enterprise in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

If you are interested in the Renaissance – Cesky Krumlov is the place for you. This city has literally royal history. Local architecture and art can fool you for a moment – you can think that you are in Renaissance Italy. Olomouc is a Baroque gem. How else – it’s the former city of kings too

A similar history again – cities Plzen (Pilsen) and Ceske Budejovice. These are world famous for one thing – beer. Foreign brewers still copy products of these brands.

Czechs have more to offer the world – visit other cities. Telc with a beautiful square, Hradec Kralove, built on an old Slavic site, Litomysl with a beautiful castle, Terezin as a sad reminder of human history, Kutna Hora, a unique urban center (UNESCO listed) and more.