Welcome to Bohemia

Prague (advent)

The Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe and it is called the bridge between West and East Europe. Guests can find beautiful countryside, ancient cities and peaceful nation with a rich cultural history. The country is a member of NATO and the European Union. The country is safe, hospitable and very open to tourism.You will find great service and affordable prices. You are not the first who starts to love Czechs.
Czech Republic gave the world many successful philosophers, scientists, politicians, athletes and artists. It is said that the Czechs had conquered the world through music. If you’re here, be sure to  to ask for Antonin Dvorak or teacher of nations Jan Amos Comenius. Tourist can’t reach the sea there – that is perhaps the only thing Czechs are missing. If you love beer and ice-hockey, you have just found a country which is very proud of those two things.
After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 ended the country’s rule of the Communist Party and the country got a democratic system and the free enterprise. There lives  about 10 million people, most of them are of Czech nationality. Country borders with Germany, the richest country in Europe. There are many old castles and museums, as well as the most newest attractions for visitors. The Czech Republic is a modern and friendly country. Welcome to our country!


Goldore mills - Zlatorudne mlyny